Four Watch Hill Firefighters Cited For Bravery During Rescue
By Deputy Chief Jason Simmons
October 16, 2023

Four members of the Watch Hill Fire Department were recently recognized for their roles in helping to save the life of a man who suffered a cardiac event while piloting his boat off the Watch Hill Lighthouse on the morning of August 19th. Watch Hill members Firefighter Thomas F. Donoghue, Firefighter Joseph Parrilla, Fire Safety Officer John Cagno and Fire Marshal Chris D. Moore were officially recognized along with two officers from the Stonington Police Department at a ceremony which was held at Stonington Police Headquarters on on October 12, 2023. Also in attendance was the victim whose life was saved when Firefighter Donogue was able to navigate the Department's rescue boat through challenging seas so that members could board the vessel and administer life-saving CPR before assisting in navigating the vessel to safer waters so that the victim could be transported to a local hospital for advanced care. Each member of the Watch Hill team played an essential role in this operation and their training and dedication helped to save a life. Congratulations for a job well-done.

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