Chief Peacock Retires
By Acting Chief Scott Harold
January 2, 2022

After serving as a Watch Hill Firefighter for 29 years, an officer for 24 years, and as Chief of Department for 9 years, Chief Robert “Bob” Peacock has retired as of January 1, 2022. Chief Peacock’s dedication to our District, Department, and Fire Company are second to none! Anyone who knows Bob knows that the WHFD came first in his life these past years.

Joining in 1993 after persistence by then Fire Chief Carl Greene Bob became a firefighter for our department. Bob said “I will always be grateful for his determination to persuade me to join. It was one of the best decisions I ever made and I will cherish the many special memories of my time here.”

Bob served as a Firefighter until 1998 when he stepped in as Captain of the Fire Company. He was responsible for conducting the affairs of the fire company and being the voice of the membership to the Fire District.

Upon a time of transition in the fire department’s leadership once again, Bob was elevated to the rank of Deputy Chief in 2004. Again, his tireless passion and dedication made him an invaluable part of the leadership team including Chief Scott Harold and Chief Jason Simmons.

Finally in 2013 after Chief Simmons stepped down as our Chief, Bob was unanimously supported to become Watch Hill’s Fire Chief. Since his election to this role he has continued to bring the Department forward. Since 2013 we have added new apparatus, added a new rescue boat, lowered our ISO rating, increased volunteer membership, hired full time staffing, and made Watch Hill a department well equipped for the future just to name a few! We also picked up a fire hydrant or two along the way.

Despite all of Bob’s accomplishments, his elevation in rank, and his love for our department if there is one legacy he leaves behind it is that of Training. He has had such an impact on our firefighters by his dedication and drive to make everyone better! Each Tuesday night our members young and old would gear up and be ready to work. He would always have a lesson plan in place with several back ups and as one of our most senior firefighters said “He would never waste our time.” There was always something to learn and everyone had a role.

In his final email to our members on January 1st Chief Peacock wrote “I offer my sincerest best wishes to the Company, to the Department, to the District, and most importantly to my fire service family. Ne Plus Ultra There Are None Better! Thank you for the memories!”

On behalf of all of the members of the Watch Hill Fire Department family we extend our most sincere best wishes to Chief Bob Peacock and thank him for a job well done!

Until a permanent replacement can be selected the District has named Assistant Chief Scott Harold and Firefighter Dennis Reall as the Co-Acting Fire Chiefs. Both Chiefs will continue to lead the department forward as Chief Peacock has done. There will be no gap in coverage and District residents should feel comfortable that the Fire Department is in good hands moving forward.