Welcome to Spring! Brush Fire Danger Remains High!
By Chief Robert Peacock
March 21, 2021

The arrival of Spring means the weather is warmer, but the danger of brush fires is high. Recently, the risk of forest and brush fires has reached critical levels due to low humidity, lack of rain, strong winds, and bright sunshine.

The risk for forest fires typically increases in early spring, not long after the snow melts. During early spring, the sun is climbing high in the sky, and with no leaves on the trees to block the sun, the intense sunlight reaches the already dead leaves and the brush on the forest floor. Local meteorologists report that this spring is particularly dry because of the limited snowfall.

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management and all local fire departments are advising residents to refrain from any open-air burning.

The State has had numerous brush fires so far this year, and although all were relatively small, some spread enough to damage homes, vehicles, campers, and other items. Many of the brush fires this year have been investigated and determined to be due to careless outdoor burning or improperly discarded cigarettes.

Forests cover more than half of Rhode Island and include approximately 367,000 acres.

For more information please check out the Providence Journal link below.

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