Honoring Our Past - Part IV
By Chief Robert Peacock
April 26, 2020

The Watch Hill Fire District was formed in 1902.

The initial building was a small storage shed located on Bay Street that held fire hose and adaptors on Bay Street.

It was replaced in 1917 by our first fire station, a small two bay garage located on Bay Street along the sea wall within ten feet of the Watch Hill Harbor. This station flooded on a regular basis during storms.

It was replaced in 1933 by a larger two bay garage with double deep bays and a second floor meeting room. This second station housed a 1917 pumper, a 1922 pumper, and a 1932 ladder truck. It was located along Bay Street approximately 150 feet from Watch Hill Harbor. This station flooded on an occasional basis including several feet of water during the Hurricanes of 1938 and 1954.

It was replaced in 1956 by the current station with 3 large garage bays on much higher ground approximately one mile from the Watch Hill Harbor. This station was further expanded in 2007 to add a fourth garage bay.