Honoring Our Past - Part III
By Chief Robert Peacock
March 22, 2020

In January, we looked back more than thirty years with three photos of our three front line fire apparatus in 1986. They included Engine 103, a 1984 FMC Roughneck Series with a 1,000 Gallon Tank and a 1,000 Gallon Per Minute Pump. She was named “Chief Ninigret”.

In February, we looked back more than fifty years with a black and white photo of the original "Chief Ninigret",which was a 1967 Ford Pumper.

Today, we are sharing another surprising attic find, a beautiful color photo of the original 1967 Engine 103.

This Engine 103 was a 1967 Ford Farrar pumper with a 750 Gallon Tank and a 750 Gallon Per Minute Pump. She was specifically designed and equipped with a bronze pump to allow it to pump salt water from a heavily reinforced dock located at the base of Plimpton Hill in the Watch Hill Harbor.

She served Watch Hill faithfully until being replaced in 1984. She was sold to the Exeter #2 Fire Company where she continued to serve for many more years. She now enjoys her retirement parked with several other antique fire trucks in the old Quonset hut fire station in Exeter.