WHFD Reminds Residents That Brush Fire Season Begins Today
By Chief Robert Peacock
March 1, 2020

Brush Fires can generally occur at any time of year when there is no precipitation but Brush Fire "Season” refers to the time of the year when there is a significant increase in the frequency of brush fires and when the potential for a large and destructive Brush Fire is the greatest.

Traditionally, the period starting on March 1st and continuing through June 1st is usually the busiest for brush fires. This is primarily due to the fact that during this time of the year, there is no leaf canopy to provide shade so the sun is able to quickly dry out grasses and fallen leaves as well as dormant brush, dead twigs and small branches. In addition, other factors that often increase the fire risk during this time period are common weather patterns which include windy conditions and low humidity.

Spring is the most dangerous time for brush fires in the Northeast, despite all the melting snow and moderate temperatures. According to federal statistics, 63 percent of all brush fires have taken place between March and May. April accounts for 42 percent of these blazes.