Help Us Keep You Safe: The Importance of House Numbering
By Deputy Chief Jason Simmons
June 17, 2018

One of the most basic and important elements to help emergency crews help keep residents safe is the ability to find your home when you've called for need. Many residents do not realize that the town of Westerly has adopted an ordinance for residents to properly number their home. In general, the ordinance states that any building within 50 feet of the street shall have the proper number near the entrance or front door. When the building is more than 50 feet from the street the ordinance requests homeowners should number the mailbox or somewhere near the property line which can be easily seen by arriving emergency responders. The ordinance goes on to say that the numerals should be at least 4 inches in height and in a color that clearly contrasts with the surface its mounted. Additionally, homeowners should be sure the house number is clear of any shrubbery or other items that may block or partially block the number.

Please take the time to review the town's ordinance (attached below) and help us get to you quickly when time counts!!!

Hyperlinks: Town of Westerly:Numbering Ordinance